How to avoid negative energies

How to avoid negative energies

Negative energy limits you. It robs you of precious energy, gives you discomfort, and prevents you from fulfilling your dreams. But, in a world that is not perfect, only positive energy can help you rise to greatness.

Preparing for success is identifying and protecting yourself from all forms of negative energy.

Negative people and negative energy

Negative people resist, refuse, are disagreeable, are pessimistic, are detrimental, destroy, and limit. They don’t help you. They don’t make you stronger. Their primary goal is to keep you down! And for no other reason other than their negativity. It has nothing to do with you. Nothing is flawless. They are unhappy with their lives and their nature causes them to respond in a negative manner to everything.

Negative energy drains you, dampens your joy, and suffocates all of your dreams before you even give them a chance. Negativity is that little voice that keeps telling you that you can’t, you suck, it’ll never happen. And why?! Why would anyone want that? How can this way of thinking help anyone? How can negativity make people smarter, stronger, and more persistent in their work, luckier, or more apt to succeed? Why should we keep such a lingering idea in our mind if it does nothing for us? Negativity is useless, and there is no place for it in your life.

How to overcome negativity

If you ever want to do something extraordinary in your life, you must avoid all negative people and negativity.

Identify negative people

The beginnings of my life include some of the most challenging years of it because not knowing how to identify negativity and lacking self-confidence made me an easier target for negative people. These are people in your life who claim to be your friends. They act like they are helping you or doing you a favor, but for some reason, you feel bad and helpless when they are with you. They don’t add anything meaningful for you, and it’s not even fun to hang out with them.

How to identify negative people and negative energy:

People who don’t support you

I call this feature the “dream killer”. “Dream killers” are dangerous and drag you down into their mediocrity. They are those people who don’t believe in big ambitions. They don’t have their own dreams, and they probably won’t support yours. They are the ones who call you crazy every time you try to do something exceptional, different, or ambitious. The worst of them are not only non-believers, but they will even put a spoke in your wheels! There are so many talented and promising individuals who will never take their chances in life because dream killers surround them.

The jealous/the envious

It may be hard to imagine, but there will always be people who are jealous of you for something, something that you have, they want, but they don’t know how to get it, so they’ll blame you for looking better, having more money, having a better boyfriend. ), drive a nice car; travel to lovely places, get better grades, the list goes on. It’s just their insecurity. They are insecure and mentally weak. They don’t realize that you can also feel insecure for the same reasons! They don’t realize that they could have all those things they crave if only they focused more on themselves and not on you!

Those who criticize in a non-constructive way

Anyone who criticizes you in a way that doesn’t help you but hurts you in a way that boosts their ego should be avoided at all costs. I call them people haters. They are quick to judge and especially like to criticize others. It’s incredible how they have such a bad temper for life in general. It’s easy to be hateful because nothing is perfect! But instead of making things better, they find it easier to criticize.

The selfish people

Selfish people only care about themselves. They don’t care about you and your dreams. They’ll take everything you have and ruin everything you’ve worked for because they think it’s good for them. They have a big ego and need to feed it by “taking” from everyone around them. Also, avoid them at all costs.

External negative energy

The negative strangers

The most common form of negativity will probably come from strangers. An example, check YouTube and read the comments section, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. For some reason, people feel qualified to judge and hate people they don’t know. And that’s exactly how negative oddities work. They make up some crazy reason in their head to hate you and say so directly or indirectly.

Avoid them immediately. The more time you give them, the more energy they will take from your life! But, again, it’s your life! There is no reason why a stranger, who has hatred, would waste even a second of your time. Their hateful opinions do not deserve your attention. They are nothing.

The negative mentors

That’s rather sad. It can be teachers, mentors, coaches, trainers, or people who are supposed to help you. They were supposed to make you better, boost your skills and boost your confidence. But instead, it’s the opposite, making you feel weak and pathetic, insecure and inept. Remember, a mentor’s job is to make you better! When you feel like you’re not improving or feeling better about yourself, you need a better coach.

Some of the worst ones are the ones with the biggest egos. They care more about feeling good than making you feel good. They are the ones who always force you to prove something to yourself. Those who make you feel like you’re not good enough to train you or that you’re lucky to have them as a coach. They think you should feel guilty for not having suffered as much as they did. What a damned relationship is this?!

Negative friends

It happens all the time! Unfortunately, many will never achieve success because they don’t know how to choose good friends. Negative friends are basically “haters in disguise”. Maybe they were positive when you met them, but now they’ve turned negative because they fell victim to negativity at some point in their lives.

Friends are typically the first people you turn to for advice or advice. Unfortunately, negative feedback over the years will turn you into a negative person and give you a negative view of the world. It makes you mentally weak, mentally shut down, and afraid to try your luck, dream big, and work hard. It’s impossible to succeed when you’re surrounded by nothing but this negativity.

The negative family

Negativity coming from family is the saddest thing. Family is supposed to be a place of comfort and security, not just for your body but also for your mind, hopes, dreams, ambitions, goals, and happiness. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Maybe something tragic happened to your parents. Perhaps they’ve given up on their own dreams or been subject to negative parents themselves and are transferring it back onto you. It hurts to see that having negative parents is often the cause of unfulfilled dreams.

Inner negative energy

This is the hardest part! Inner negative energy is the worst. If you have it, someone must have said something so horrible to you that you internalized it and are living it now. Inner negative energy will always cause insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. It gives you reasons to fear, doubt, and makes you underestimate yourself, closes opportunities in your life and makes your life less joyful. I don’t care how fear and doubt are supposed to make you “realistic”. Life is about making yourself the best you can be, which is not possible if you have problems with yourself. Most people identify themselves a certain way because other people have made them believe so. Your parents gave you a name, then your teachers told you what you were good at, you defined your personality. Then, somewhere along the way, you forgot to check your identity and forgot that you and only you should have the most significant impact on your life and your future. Don’t let anyone else define you. They don’t have to tell you what you’re good at or not. Everyone has talents, but talents do not define identity. It’s up to you to decide. It’s your life; you have to choose what you want to be. Otherwise, others will choose for you.

The price to pay when you are negative

Being a negative person makes you part of the many negative people I described above. It will cost you dearly, and you may not even notice it. People might avoid you because they don’t want negativity in their own lives.

It is challenging to work with negative people. When you’re trying to make people better, that’s harder to do when they’re filled with insecurities. The number one characteristic that prevents people from living the life they dream of is their insecurity.“Ah, but what if I wasn’t born with natural reflexes? What if I can’t be good enough at the base? No coach wants to hear that. There are so many fighters striving to be the best, and I would rather focus on those who haven’t given up for a long time.

Overcome their weaknesses

Everyone indeed has weaknesses and flaws, but you can overcome them. Even if you can’t overcome them, you still have to try! All great fighters have had to overcome something. In fact, it’s mostly their act of overcoming their weaknesses that have made them great boxers. Sometimes it’s the thing that doesn’t work for you, that makes you struggle, and eventually, you become the best at it. Some of the most successful individuals became what they are today because they were motivated to overcome something they were terrible at. You can only overcome your weaknesses is by surrounding yourself with good people and grow from within.

Manage negativity

The best thing to do is to avoid negative people. Stop listening to them, and if possible stop talking to them. Please don’t waste your time trying to argue, reason with them, or help them. Stop all that. If you keep going, you’re looking for trouble.

Now about the people, you can’t avoid? You cannot escape negative family or colleagues. Develop a stronger mind. And that’s something that I think everyone should develop quickly. Build a stronger metal shield to protect yourself. A stronger metal shield will help you thrive even in the presence of negative energy. You have to be able to accept the fact that people you don’t know will look at you, judge you, and hate what you do. And you need to take criticism positively and have the confidence to know that everything is perfectly fine! Because the more successful you are, the more people will hate you!

The existence of haters is okay, but don’t let them affect your life!

They will always make you feel like you’re negative. They will accuse your ethnicity, your language, the color of your hair, everything that will differentiate you from them could be subject to an accusation. They do everything concerning you when in fact, it is not so. It’s about them, their problems, their mistakes, their lack of joy in life. Once you realize that their negativity is caused by the lack of happiness in their lives, you won’t feel bad!

Unless you realize that negative people aren’t happy in their lives,

you won’t blame yourself for anything that comes from their negativity.

They will exist no matter what you do. I will use my case as an example. My passion is blogging because it makes me happy. I created a website to help others like me. My knowledge is helpful but can continuously be improved. My goal, of course, is to help myself and others as best I can. My site is free and open to everyone; no knife to the throat. I am not spreading any negativity or causing harm to anyone. I don’t even have time to watch what other people are doing. Simply said, I mind my own business. So far so good, right? Wrong! ! This is where the haters come in!

Every now and then I get a few comments on my articles or videos from people who not only tell me I’m wrong, but also that I’m stupid and inexperienced. WOW, really? So let’s say I am stupid and I am wrong. How will saying these negative things benefit me, the readers, or anyone else? These are useless comments, and I can’t do anything with them. And haters are basically useless people.

And then you will meet people who are “just trying to help”. I am referring to those who like to push their knowledge on others. They are the trolls who argue on the net because they need to prove something. Perhaps because their superficial identity depends on it? These people are not helping anyone either. How can you help by focusing your energy on people who argue against you rather than people who want to listen to you? Not only do they not help anyone, but they also create enemies and fuel negative energy with arguments.

If these people really wanted to help, they would focus on their own site or personal goals. 

Protect your future

You are responsible for your own life. You must protect your future! How can you afford to waste your energy on people and things that aren’t going to improve your life. You need all your energy, every opportunity, every shred of hope, and all the love you can store to succeed. So take care of yourself and your future by controlling what type of energy you let into!

If I see something I don’t like, I erase it from my life. I don’t have time for people like that. I enjoy so many things in life, the friends I want to be with, the places I want to see, and the things I want to do. Life is so unique, but unfortunately, I’m not going to live forever to enjoy it all. And as a result, I don’t have time to be negative because I’m too busy being positive!

It’s crucial that you surround yourself with positive people to get you out and do positive things. Go out with a bunch of adventurous, open-minded people, and guess what you’ll become! Date musicians and artists, and imagine what you’ll become! Date happy, successful people, and think what you will become!

When the end comes, you don’t want to be the guy who goes to the street crying because his family let him down, because his friends forgot about him. After all, his associate cheated on him. Instead, surround yourself with caring people who want to be part of your success and help you in any way they can. Surround yourself with positive energy and always be happy!

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